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How to Download on Gen YT You YouTube [ जेन यू यूट्यूब ]

Please bear in mind, If Search Functionality is not working with URL then use it with keywords. If Keywords Functionality not working then use it with URL. We are working on other features too and will be soon released.

Steps To Download on Gen You YouTube जेन यू यूट्यूब Gen YT

Please follow these steps to download your video, ringtone, song, photo, etc:

  1. Copy the URL of YouTube Video and paste it into Gen You YouTube box or just enter the Keyword or title of that video Search Box of the Website.
  2. Now, Click on download button. This will take a sec to process your request and will fetch the results that you need.
  3. After Fetching Results tones of format will be available to download. You can select and click any one of them that suits you most and it will open the video or audio file that you selected.
  4. Click on the Three Dots in Right down Corner. Now just click on download.
  5. Hurray, your video is downloaded now.
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How to download Video

What if Gen You Youtube Website is not working?

Well Follow this step to troubleshoot it.

  • Check whether you searched your video using keyword or pasted a URL. Gen You Youtube provides two methods of downloading, one is with keyword and other is with url.
  • If URL one is not working then use keyword method, if URL method is giving error.
  • If Keyword method is not working then use URL method, if Keyword is giving error.

Means use any of the method, if one is not working then use other one. One of them will surely works Guaranted.


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If you think there is any problem with the video or you are the owner and you want to remove the video please report it via our contact page and we will remove it.